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tv   NBC10 News Playoff Push  NBC  December 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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the cardinals/eagles going head-to-head under the bright lights of sunday night. this is a live look, xfinity live. tim furlong is there with all the parking lot craziness coming up. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. our coverage continues right now. >> announcer: you're watching nbc 10 news playoff push presented by chick-fil-a. >> reporter: i'm jacqueline london outside the tunnel at lincoln financial field. so much to talk about in the next half hour, including a wonderful story about young
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gaven toney born without arms and legs. he had the dream of his life come true here at lincoln financial field. we'll tell you about that. he doesn't allow a disability to slow him down. let's talk football. joining us from comcast sportsnet is john clark. what a night, john. >> reporter: jackie, this is quite a night. as you can see, a lot of the players behind us, out in their all-black uniforms. eagle fans love their birds in all black, especially in prime-time games. it's interesting, because of what happened in the nfc evaluate games, the redskins won, giants lost, basically tonight is not a must-win for them. it basically comes down to the eagles beating the redskins next week. here is how the birds can win the nfc evaluate. if they beat the cardinals tonight and beat the redskins next saturday, they win the division. if the eagles lose to ayers tonight and if they beat washington next saturday night and then beat the giants, they
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win the division. but, as i just said, it really comes down to eagles/redskins next saturday night at the linc. let's take a look at the birds. this is a really tough game for them. the arizona cardinals are trying to win eight straight games for the first time in 66 years. they're trying to wrap up their division. they're trying to get a first round bye. there is a lot on the line for arizona. and as you know, they are one of the best offensive teams in football. they have scored the most points on the road. the birds are ready for sunday night football and prime-time. >> it's going to be electric. i feel like our crowd, our fans are going to be in a really just excited for this game. as players we're very excited. >> i think we play good under pressure so i'm looking forward to seeing how we come together prime-time. >> reporter: how about sam bradford? the birds have won 6 of the last 8 games he has finished. he's looked good over the last
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month, month and a half. the last time we saw him on sunday night football he brought the birds back in an overtime win in dallas, finished with close to 300 yards completed about 70% of his passes. one touchdown and no interceptions. all right, joining us from nbc sports and sunday night fat ball, hines ward. we appreciate your time. >> no problem. >> reporter: we were just hearing about sam bradford. he has looked a lot better over the last month, month and a half. do you think he's a guy who can take the eagles to the playoffs and do something? >> reporter: i think it starts with the offensive line. if they give sam bradford enough time to go out and recognize coverage and just get it to its play makers, darren sproles and the other guys, put the ball in their hands and let them be playmakers, they have a chance to make a run. >> reporter: you know cardinals coach bruce arians very well, he was your defensive coach and offensive coordinator in pittsburgh. you know he likes to throw the ball down the field. >> reporter: he's very aggressive. he's about putting up points and
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scoring. for example els play a lot ofman toman. i'm looking at jenkins on fitzgerald in the slot. team keep an eye. it should be a tough battle. anytime you see man to man, bruce arians wants to go deep. >> reporter: on the outside, you have byron maxwell and also a rookie aaron rowe who is looking better. how can the eagles defend against the defenders? >> reporter: you have to get pressure on carson palmer. that's the key. if you get pressure on him and enable him to get the ball out of his hands quick. me knowing bruce arians he'll go after the young guy and take a shot down the field. it's all about pressure and carson palmer and getting hip out of his comfort zone. >> reporter: cardinals have won seven in a row. they can win the division, home field advantage whaxt's your prediction? >> it's going to be a touch match matchup. arizona is a solid all-around team. special teams, defense, offense. if they go out and take care of the football, they should win
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tonight. >> reporter: and eagles even if they lose, they can win the division by winning the last two games. i'm asking you an nfc east prediction, who comes out of it? >> seems like no one wants to take control of the nfc east. you have to look at what washington did today. i think what kurt cuss nz is doing with desean jackson, going out and making plays. right now they look like they're the hot team and they'll finish strong. >> reporter: uh-oh. we appreciate your time. >> anytime. >> reporter: let's go out to the parking lot. i'm sure everybody is lanl lath up. tim, take away. >> announcer: tonight's tailgating champion is brought to you by the new jersey lottery. anything can happen in jersey. >> reporter: john, i'm not kidding, xfinity live is jamming. there's live music. of course we have the sunday night football bus out in the parking lot at xfinity live. this thing is so awesome, so many cool interactive stuff. check this thing out. if you've never been on this and
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i hadn't until now, this thing is pretty awesome because they have a whole bunch of cool interactive stuff. you know, we found lots of cool rigs out in the parking lot here tailgating. we want to introduce you to a guy who's really kicking it old-school and doing it right. amongst the eagles tailgaters there are some who simply do it better. >> this is eagle mobile ii, home of the best tailgate in the city. >> reporter: big ed is a retired navy guy from northeast philly with a sick autd autographed eagles ring. >> come on inside, tim. i'll show you the inside. >> reporter: from the curtains to the table to the mirror, it's eagles everywhere except in one spot. >> this is our shrine to the dallas cowboys. >> reporter: this whole rv attributed to eagles past and present. >> up at the top we have reggie looking down on us from heaven rnchs this isn't just about transportation. this has become a rolling feast and party spot as nephew anthony is the head chef. >> i've been cooking since i was 8 years old. >> reporter: the cheesesteak,
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brisket, sausages, a full bar, ki ka baus sa this whole setup is the essence of being an eagles fan. >> this is just the most fun we have during the season, from august to hopefully all the way to february some time. just a game, hockey is just a game, basketball is just a game. eagles football is an event. >> reporter: you're darn right eagles football is an event. who's ready for a big game tonight? i'll tell you what, on the other side of the bus, if you get a chance to see us, come this way, they have all the players of the game from all the weeks leading up to this. tonight they're going to put another name right here. at home i want you to think about which eagle do you think will go right here? i'm feeling pretty good it's going to be an eagle, jackie. back to you. >> reporter: we would love that, tim. thank you. up next, our exclusive conversation with malcolm
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jenkins. stay close.
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there are some key matchups in this one. for more on those, let's send it to ross tucker.
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>> announcer: tonight's keys to the game is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> for me, there's two very obvious keys to tonight's games for the philadelphia eagles. anything cheap and deep. you watch the arizona cardinals, the way they play with these receivers, michael floyd, john brown. they've gotten so many bombs for touchdowns against pretty much every team. the eagles cannot let them do that. they have to keep everything in front of them, make the arizona cardinals earn it. at the same time, the eagles have to run the ball to win this game. sam bradford going against the honey badger matthew, patrick peterson, he will not throw the eagles to a victory. ryan mathews, darren sproles and yes, even demarco murray have to have one of their best games of the year, that means the offensive line as well. keep the ball out of arizona offense's hands and give bradford a chance by establishing that running game. to me, those are the two clear
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keys to tonight's game for the eagles. >> reporter: we're back inside the linc. eagles thinking malcolm jenkins will likely be very busy tonight. we'll go back to john clark for more on malcolm. >> reporter: jackie, this is the best threesome of receivers the eagles have faced, fitzgerald, brown, floyd. jenkins is back in the slot position these last two weeks and guess what? the eagles are winning again and playing very good defense. the two games before that he wasn't playing in the slot as much, and he's got a big matchup against larry fitzgerald so malcolm talked about his favorite position really on defense, playing in that slot. >> the slot is definitely the position that i think i'm most productive in and the position i enjoy playing the most. i really lobbied with multiple defensive coordinators to allow me to play that position and billy davis is really the first one that had the belief in me to really go in there and be
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productive. i think it's helped this team. >> reporter: this is going to be a huge week in the slot as well. is this the best 3-4-5 receivers you guys will face all year zm. >> i think so. so far this is the best group top to bottom. they've got their starting three o c
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game day. >> reporter: when you're in meetings all week, you get pretty fired up for a matchup like this. you know they'll take shots and go down the field. all uf may have an opportunity either for interceptions, big plays or to do something here. >> yeah. when you start to see on tape that they take multiple shots down the field, that mines you're going to be put into situations where you're either going to make a play or give up a play. so that -- it's volatile, but you look at it as an opportunity. whenever the ball is in the air, we think that we have the guy that's can go get it. you want those games especially on a sunday night, prime-time, everybody is watching. it's going to be a fun stage for us. >> good luck against larry, too. >> i appreciate that. >> reporter: thanks. and a big key for the eagles is causing turnovers. when they've caused one or fewer turnovers they're 1-4.
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when they've caused two or more, they've won five of their last six. john clark, back to you, jackie. >> reporter: john, thanks. up next -- >> this is chip kelly from the fix eagles. >> reporter: a personal invitation from chip kelly. sideline passes to meet players pregame, a holiday shopping spree with demarco murray, and a one-of-a-kind memento from an eagles player. the exclusive and inspiring story of young gaven toney, next when "playoff push" returns.
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>> reporter: trust me when i say the eagles games are great fans everywhere, like these people here. everyone is excited. if you've never been to an eagles gain, come down, take a walk through the parking lot where you can meet interesting people like this, a grill extraordinaire, master of the smoker. he wears eagles gear, loves the chef's hat. i love what he makes, he also goes outside the tailgating box with his fish tacos.
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he isn't just fishing for his crew. he understands that when you're at the linc with your family, you feed them. this guy is a super fan, feeds his fellow fans. >> i've been living and dying with this team since i was born. i'm hungry for a championship. there's nothing i love more than tailgating football season. we come down here, feed everybody and just like to have a good time with everybody. it really brings a warm feeling just being out here with all of these hungry philadelphia fans. >> reporter: that includes me. he fed me pretty well. i'm wearing a red jacket, bleeding green with my randall cunningham throwback jersey on. we need a win. let's do it. >> announcer: tonight's injury report is brought to you by with your local ford store. home of america's favorite brand. >> reporter: time now for the injury report. the eagles come into this one relatively healthy. byron maxfield missed a practice earlier in the week but listed as probable.
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curry is ill but is expected to go as well. all of the players are listed as probable tonight. there are certain times during your career when you meet someone who changes your life for the better in an instant. for the players on this eagles team and for me, it was when we came face-to-face with young gavin tony who received a very special vip invite to last week's game against the bills. take a look. gaven toney. >> this is chip kelly calling from the philadelphia eagles. >> seriously? >> yeah, buddy. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm doing outstand willing. i heard a great story about you, what a great defensive tackle you are. i was just so impressed with everything i saw. i saw a little video on you. i was calling to see if we could invite you to come down to our game against the bills this sunday. >> yeah, i would like that. >> reporter: for this 12-year-old, it may as well be super bowl sunday. >> this is a big place. wow! >> reporter: this seventh grader flying high are the eagles, now
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living his dream. he was born without arms or legs. hardly an obstacle for this young fighter, this determined soul, this defensive tackle for his middle school football team. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: gaven showing his own gridiron greatness, which is why this day for him is epic. >> they were fired up seeing the video. they couldn't wait to meet you. >> can't wait to meet them. >> yes, sir. >> sam bradford! >> nice to meet you, dawg. >> you the man, homey. >> thank you. >> you the man, bro. you inspire us all. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> like really excited to know that they saw my video and i've meant something to them. that right there just proves it. >> we're kicking it old-school on the sideline.
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what up? what up? >> how we doing? >> good. how are you? >> ready for a good game, man? >> yeah. >> got to win this one. >> yeah. >> i love your determination and work, man. day, all right? >> yeah. >> maybe i'll see you out there, all right? >> it actually surprised me. it was just really awesome at that moment. see these nfl player upz close and personal? >> well, i've seen them on tv. they're really taller than what awesome. >> reporter: this fighter indeed a good luck charm with the eagles getting a victory. aguilar became an even bigger store f score forgaven. >> this wruyoung man right here would probably appreciate this gave it to him. the night before, we watched the video and i just watched him
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talk and watched the confidence he spoke with. that's real. that's just as real as it gets. >> reporter: if you're wondering how gaven can prepare himself not just physically but mentally to get out on the field and play, the seventh grader says, if other guys can do it, why can't i? one player i met on the sidelines left him virtually speechless. that player decided to give him a very special gift. >> want to have a little shopping spree, a little fun? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: a surprise shopping spree with demarco murray. >> how about the large? >> there cao. that look good. >> you can match the jersey. if we're waying white, you wear white. if we're wearing green, you wear green. >> want a cell phone case? >> yes, please. friend in his idol may be the best gift of all. part of me goes down. like i can't do it now, he has to help me get through this. >> reporter: this really puts life into perspective.
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>> it puts things into perspective. not to worry about everything else. there's a lot of chaos out there and what we do. then uf meet guy likes him and all of that is goes away in the moment. you're not thinking about anything but me and him having fun and just getting to know him. >> reporter: forgaven, new friendships, a lifetime of memories. >> football is done now, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: hopefully the realization that just as much as they changed his life, he changed theirs. for. >> reporter: up until now, the closest gaven ever got to this studio was playing is it on madden. he used to play as demarco murray. now he's friends with demarco murray. and demarco and gaven both look forward to a lasting relationship. i think they already have play dates set in the future. just as much as of an impact gave gaven had on us, it is indeed mutual. let's tell you about tonight's
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lineup here on nbc 10. up next is "football night in america," then the cardinals/eagles. after sunday night football's coverage ends, we pick things up with "eagles game day final" john clark returns, he'll be live outside the eagles locker room, we wrap things up with news after a game day final." thank you for watching. enjoy the football.
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sam bradford and the eagles have won consecutive games to revive their season, but tonight in philadelphia, they host a cardinals team that's on a seven-game tear. the cardinals have spent their season soaring into super bowl contention. now, with a playoff berth secured, the nfc west leaders look to make another statement in prime time. >> there's something special about playing sunday night.


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